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Imagination Guild's Tailored Solutions

While the following list outlines our core products and services, we understand that every client is unique, and their needs may vary. We encourage you to visit our "How can we help you?" page to assess where you stand in your journey. By understanding your current position and goals, we can better tailor our offerings to suit your specific needs and maximize the value we bring to your business.

Our Offerings:

  1. Perspectus Document:

    Description: A detailed document defining the application. Facilitates app development, whether with Imagination Guild or elsewhere.

    Ideal for: App Visionaries, Proud App Owners, AppSOS

  2. Proving Grounds Access:

    Description: A self-serve tool for app visionaries. Allows them to describe their product and business. Generates a business executive summary, branding document, keyword search, market research, domain name, and a website. Initiates an SEO and social media campaign. Gathers email addresses of potential buyers.

    Ideal for: App Visionaries

  3. Tech Stack Review:

    Description: Comprehensive examination of the existing technology stack. Identifies strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements.

    Ideal for: Proud App Owners, AppSeller, App Buyer

  4. Code Review:

    Description: In-depth analysis of the app's codebase. Evaluates code quality, efficiency, and suggests enhancements.

    Ideal for: Proud App Owners, AppSeller, App Buyer

  5. Future Document (Prospectus):

    Description: A prospective document for potential future enhancements. Outlines possibilities for the app's evolution and improvement.

    Ideal for: Proud App Owners, AppSOS

  6. Fractional CTO Service:

    Description: Ongoing consulting service for business growth. Monthly payment, allowing clients to set their budget. Appropriate monthly hours based on the chosen budget.

    Prerequisites: Must have a completed Prospectus Document.

  7. SaaSFoo Framework:

    Description: SaaS application framework. Options for hosting on our platform, within the client's AWS account, or syndication for a revenue share.

    Prerequisites: Must have a completed Prospectus Document. Must have undergone a Code Review if existing code is present.